Our mission is to organize the world financial information. We are building a financial copilot for investment professionals to make better decisions. We believe that chat-based interfaces are the future of the web. In most cases, it's easier to ask a question and get an answer than to search for keywords and read dozens of pages. Building a relevant financial chat platform is immensely challenging, given the intricacy of numerous unstructured documents. We've made notable strides in delivering precise answers, eradicating hallucinations, and enabling the chat to provide citations. Thousands of investors have signed for Fintool.


Fintool is a financial copilot for public equity investors. It's ChatGPT on top of financial documents, starting with SEC filings. Fintool is engineered to discover financial insights beyond the reach of timely human analysis. Fintool helps summarizing long annual reports, compute numbers and find new insights by comparing years of filings.


Nicolas Bustamante (CEO): spent 7 years building one of the largest AI-driven legal search engines (Bloomberg for lawyers). Nicolas hired nearly 200 people, secured millions of dollars in debt and equity funding, and the profitable business was successfully acquired by Summit Partners, a $43B billion growth equity fund, for $x00M+.

Edouard Godfrey (CTO): worked for nine years at Apple, leading teams of data scientists and engineers. He worked on Apple Search (Spotlight) and Apple Pay, maintaining big data pipelines and deploying cutting-edge AI models. He received the 2019 Apple Pay Innovation Award for outstanding contributions and fresh insights.

Company Values

Clone and improve the best: we're not about reinventing the wheel but about enhancing proven success. We are shameless cloners who stand on the shoulders of giants. It's about mastering the best of what other people have already figured out. We draw inspiration and then create differentiation because distinctiveness drives dominance.

Release early, release often, and listen to your customers: speed matters in business, so we push better-than-perfect updates for customers asap. Mastery comes from repeated experiments and learning from mistakes rather than putting in a set number of hours. It’s 10,000 iterations, not 10,000 hours.

Warren Buffett: We model our personal and professional ethos on the principles he exemplifies. Upholding integrity, valuing honesty, practicing frugality, championing lifelong learning, embracing humility, extending generosity, applying rationality, and demonstrating patience. Every day, we strive to mirror these Buffett-inspired virtues.


Fintool is backed by Y Combinator as well as angel-entrepreneurs such as the co-founders of Vercel, Datadog, HuggingFace, or domain experts from OpenAI to Deepmind. We are grateful for the support of Silicon Valley and Wall Street's greatest talents!

We do not communicate on the amount we raised. We think it's a vanity metrics and we always prioritize frugality and profitability. We believe that constraints often spur creativity, and an excess of funds can be a pitfall for many startups.


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