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Fintool helps you retrieve any information in filings and transcripts in seconds. No more typing keywords in a search engine, clicking on 10 blue links, and then control-F'ing endlessly. Fintool is a research assistant who works for you!

Fintool is an exceptional tool that assists me in retrieving, summarizing, and organizing massive amounts of EDGAR data, enabling me to make informed decisions more swiftly.

Thinkcell Wang, CFA, Chief Investment Officer at Guangdong Securities

Fantastic product that saves you time and makes you more efficient. Highly recommend for both professional and hobbyist investors alike.

McAfee Burke, CFA, Portfolio Manager at Kennedy Capital Management

This tool saved us a lot of time doing quarterly earnings summaries for our research department. It is very easy to use and helps with questions/items we didn't originally think about.

Dimitre Krouchev, VP Corporate Finance at Paperchase

The quickest and easiest way to get up to speed on new ideas.

Stephen Vafier, Portfolio Manager at Storri Labs


ChatGPT hallucinates; Fintool is precise. Fintool is designed to provide verifiable information in filings. It shows you the exact documents it draws from and it's easy to pull up the primary source within the platform.

A crucial aspect that sets Fintool apart from other AI tools is that all of its information is verifiable and originates from reliable sources, rather than being fabricated.

Thinkcell Wang, CFA, Chief Investment Officer at Guangdong Securities

Fintool's answers show you the exact document(s) it draws from for answers, and it's very easy to pull up the primary document within the platform.

Ana Anderson, Investment Manager at Dumac


Our team has been building AI product for a decade. We know what is required to build the best software and we are so grateful that our customers love Fintool.

I am impressed with Fintool, a first mover in the financial/investment related AI chatbot space, far outpacing incumbent behemoths like Bloomberg.

Ana Anderson, Investment Manager at Dumac

I found fintool to be superior to other AI offerings for SEC filings. Easy to use and a meaningful time saver for those who read annual reports and other filings on a daily basis.

Mark Castillo, Portfolio Manager at Scout Global Management

Improve fast

We build Fintool with our customers and for our customers. Expect us to reach out, brainstorm with you and release an update the very same day.

I have observed remarkable development of this tool over the last six months. The team is super focused on execution and making the tool relevant. Perfect for analysts and bankers looking for a force multiplier in their process.

Simons Chase, Chief Investment Officer, SC Capital

I have shared constructive feedback with the team as I use the tool and they have been responsive, helpful, and quick to implement improvements.

Ana Anderson, Investment Manager, Dumac

Fast product cycle from company means new features / data sources are being added. Product functionality isn't yet great for requesting time series data, longer-term historical results, or pulling time series data from transcripts, but confident the product will evolve to improve there rapidly.

Roger Melik, Senior Analyst, Tecap Partners